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Personality-Driven Lead Generation.

Your prospects don't want to hear about your product.
They want to hear about themselves.

inQuizitive starts that conversation.

"Our inQuizitive leads close at over 3x the rate of any other source"
CEO - London Tower Coaching

Your prospects want insights. Give them to them.

Most lead capture forms are repulsive. They're there to keep "unqualified" prospects away.

Inquizitive Profile Quizzes promise insights to your prospects that they'll want to get.

Get deeper sales data on your prospects.

Usually, long forms = low response rates. But with inQuizitive, prospects have a reason to give you more data.

You get all their answers, plus a summary profile that shows the thing they need most help with.

Close the gap between sales & marketing.

Marketing's idea of a lead is someone who is on the market.

Sales' idea of a lead is someone who is ready to buy.

inQuizitive closes that gap, by showing the customer where they have urgent opportunities for improvement.

Get your prospects to open up at last.

Our profiling quizzes get more responses, with more useful information than any other lead generation method.
Get Your Own Profiling Quiz For Your Business